Android UPnP Player playing DVB Content on Android Tablet for Kathrein TechnoTrend


Nowadays, consumers don’t want to see TV Content (Live and Recorded) solely on their TV, but also on mobile devices in their households. User experiences of STB and Mobile apps should thereby have the highest possible consistency.

Customer: Kathrein TechnoTrend

Our Solution

Android UPnP Player playing DVB Content on Android Tablet for Kathrein TechnoTrend

Our UPnP Player for Android tablets exists of a generic UPnP Control Point and a Media Player which plays back DVB Transport Streams. This makes it possible to stream and play back both live as well as recorded TV Content within a local IP network on your tablet. Further, all common DVB metadates like service name, channel number or EPG Now data (the program’s name, its scheduled start and end time and its short and long description) can also be received and displayed.

For the UI’s implementation, we used our UI Studio Embedded Wizard. It perfectly projects the look and feel of the Kathrein TechnoTrend set-top box UI. Besides, the platform independency enables the Android UPnP Player to be run very easily also on other platforms like iOS, too.


Compared to standard UPnP Control Points or players, which are already available on Google play or other app stores, with our solution consumers have the possibility to play back DVB contents which is no standard feature at all. Moreover, our player also features a consistent User Experience both on the set-top box and the Android tablet which in turn remarkably facilitates its handling as customers can rely on a familiar navigation. With that, our client Kathrein TechnoTrend is able to offer a seamlessly integrated DVB multiscreen solution to his clients.

Android UPnP Player was presented at ANGA COM 2014, Cologne, May 20th till 22nd

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