Inaris DVB Server on Intel's Smart Home Services Gateway


Screenshot of a browser based client application accessing the Smart Home Service Gateway.

Project: Smart Home Services Gateway (in cooperation with Intel and the design agency coeno)
Platform: Intel Puma 6 Gateway (based on Intel Berryville)

With Intel's gateway platform Puma 6, multiple networks can be brought together: You can now use broadcast and broadband services within your home network. The Smart Home Services Gateway supports also TV Server functionality which was realized with the Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware. Using up to eight tuners simultaneously, the Home Gateway allows to stream live TV to client devices. In addition multiple simultaneous time-shifting on server-side, and playback of recordings stored on server, is possible. To realize this, the Inaris Middleware was extended to meet the requirements of a client-server infrastructure running on Intel's headless platform Puma.

On client side web applications, based on pure HTML5 techniques, have been realized. This allows to use any HTML5 capable browser running on connected client devices - e.g. ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones or set-top boxes. For the UX design we teamed up with the design house coeno.

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