Local Catch-up (Replay TV)

Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware has a new feature: Local Catch-up (Replay TV), allowing users to create their own media libraries for multiple channels.

We have expanded our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware and the Broadcom reference software (Nexus) to make it possible to record up to eight channels at a time (depending on the number of available tuners) to a hard drive using a cyclical time-shift buffer. How long the files are kept can be adjusted depending on the amount of memory available. This makes it possible to record multiple channels simultaneously around the clock (24/7).

To achieve this, changes needed to be made to the Broadcom (Nexus) reference software, because it was not intended for 24/7 operation.

The user can use this feature not only with the electronic programme guide (EPG), as usual to access shows currently on the air or to program future recordings, but can also play back programmes from the past because the recorded TV channels are available as time-shift recordings. Time marks allow jumping to the beginning of any programme. In particular, you can catch shows that the channels aren't allowed to post online for legal reasons, even if you forgot to set a timer to record them.

The contents of the local catch-up media library are stored as temporary recordings and will be automatically overwritten after a specified time. If you would like to play back a show at a later date, you may also transfer it to your permanent archive.

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