Teletext is a cost-free TV-centric information service and became a standard feature for CE devices on the European and Asian market. For many years, TARA Systems has developed applications and tools for VBI data broadcasting and has supported and adviced many CE manufacturers regarding Teletext integration.

TARA Systems offers a Teletext software decoder providing high performance at low resource needs. It was developed as a reference decoder for the European market and supports the full level 1.5 and 2.5 specification. Because of TARA Systems' long-term experience with Teletext, the software works with all European TTX standards.

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  • Level 1.5 and 2.5 Teletext
  • TOP and FLOF - navigation
  • Sub page bar and direct sub page selection
  • Scalable database from 10 pages up to 4000 pages
  • Support of various characters (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi)
  • Subtitle and newsflash display
  • Standard Teletext features (Hold, Mix, Zoom, Clock)
  • ACI (automatic channel installation)
  • Page Catching
  • Teletext True Type font available.

Optional 'Binding Classes' for TARA's GUI Tool Embedded Wizard facilitate the integration of the Teletext Decoder's graphics output into the user interface, developed with Embedded Wizard. Furthermore, this enables full UI prototyping on PC.

Teletext True Type Font

In addition to its Teletext decoder, TARA Systems offers a Teletext True Type Font to display the Teletext data. The TrueType font ensures high quality characters and improves readability significantly - especially on high resolution user interfaces (e.g. UHD).

The font also contains Level 2.5 block graphics, as well as Arabic, Cyrillic, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, and other characters.

Teletext Server

The Teletext Decoder usually runs on TVs and STBs. In some cases (e.g. OTT) it may not be possible to transfer the Teletext data as part of the audio/video stream. Then a Teletext Server can help to solve this issue.

In this scenario the Teletext pages will be decoded on a server and provided in a compact page format to the client via IP. For this task a Teletext Converter application is available which is based on our Teletext Decoder. The rendering in a Teletext view is finally done on the client side (e.g. STB, media player or mobile device). Optionally the Teletext True Type Font can be used there.

DiVi Teletext Generator for Test Purpose

After having integrated the Teletext Decoder into their own DVB software applications, developers need to verify their products, to guarantee high quality and stability. For that purpose, we offer our DiVi Software Tools - specifically the DiVi Teletext Generator. TARA also uses the DiVi Software Tools as part of our sophisticated automated test scenarios during the development of the Teletext Decoder and other DVB software.

To test Teletext Decoder integrations in analogue TV applications, TARA offers the well-known Geditor and VBI-Recorder.

Teletext L2.5 Broadcasters

Teletext Level 2.5 is currently broadcast in Germany (by 3Sat, ZDF, BR, BR alpha, SWR and PHOENIX), in the Netherlands (NED1, NED2 and NED3) and in France (France 3).

Services & Consulting

Based on our long-term experiences in VBI and DVB data broadcasting, we offer porting and integration of our Teletext Decoder to several hardware platforms as well as support and consulting for Teletext integration.

We also offer cost-effective test tools for data broadcasting, e.g. the DiVi Tools for DVB (digital) and the Geditor and VBI-Recorder for VBI (analogue). TARA 's tools enable developers to create, modify, and play out custom test data in order to verify their decoder software in factories, laboratories, and field tests.

The Teletext decoder was developed as a level 1.5 and 2.5 reference decoder and can furthermore be used by CE manufacturers to check and certify their own Teletext implementations.

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