TVolutionX - Comfortable DVB Set-top box Software with Integrated e-Home Functionality

Product Description

Product Name: "TVolutionX" as part of Moeller Xcomfort series
Developed by TARA Systems, marketed and distributed via Moeller GmbH, running on "Kathrein UFS 910" HD DVB-S receiver.
Markets: Germany, Austria
Market Release: September 2008

STB software with DVB-S TV and radio reception, EPG, Teletext, which additionally interacts with Moeller's wireless actuators and sensors for building automation, to control lights and electric home appliances, to get notifications about door bell or motion detectors and more.

TVolutionX is developed by TARA Systems in cooperation with Moeller GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of components for power distribution and building automation, and Kathrein.

TARA Components

For this product, TARA Systems has combined all its modular components and knowledge to develop the full software stack for DVB-S functionality and e-Home control.

Screenshots showing the comfortable TVolutionX GUI with TV functionality (image 1), e-Home control functionality (image 2) and event notification (image 3). TVolutionX was presented at the Moeller booth (image 4) on occassion of the Light+Building 2008 in Frankfurt/Germany.

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